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Project Description
Interface for automating x10 cm15a home automation unit. Extends remote monitoring and automation of computer activities based on sensors and events.

This application is being released to allow the cm15a users/developers to maintain or create their own solutions based on it.

I have made several changes to x10dipatcher to allow me to continue using for the next few years.

I now compile against the (final?) version of the ActiveHome sdk (included with binaries download). This allows use on modern versions of windows (7/8/8.1)

I removed broken msn and replaced it with a Twitter alert system. You have to have a twitter account, and go to to register a new app (set permissions to read/write) and generate user key (read/write). It will ask for a website url when creating 'App', you can use your own or try (not sure if they need to be unique).

I also made changes to webserver's 'Custom Web' support where you can copy files into the CustomWeb subfolder. This can be an entire site with subfolders, javascript libraries, etc. I also created some json webservices which you can call from it. I will upload a sample web page/site as proof of how to use these services.

If you run into any issues you can post comments in discussions.

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