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X10dispatcher (it's alive) Project

Dec 30, 2010 at 12:54 PM

Has anyone been able to get it to Connect to MSN I'd like to keep this program alive?

I'd hate to see this gem of a program vanish but connecting to MSN is a Big part of this.

I've added the new AH SDK script files to it and evey thing seems to work on a new system running Win 7 64 bit other the the MSN connection.

C# isn't what I normaly work with so I could use some help.

If anyone is interested in keeping this alive or wishes to contribute  drop me a note.



Jan 4, 2011 at 2:03 AM

Hey tuicemen... long time no see... (mostly my lack of attention).

The DotMSN library does not appear to be actively maintained, so i would look to replace it... the question is with what.

Quick glance at latest standards would lead me to think of two solutions (I'm sure there are more) :

1) : Download the latest Windows Live Messenger SDK and attempt to use native microsoft libraries

2) : Convert to open messenging like xmpp, not sure all the varieties but it looks like jabber has a library which might work, someone might look into it here :


And not really a replacement, but possibly an option for certain limited functions might be to use a twitter like library for displaying (read only?) real time stats.  This might be even more useful if someone is using the event variables to keep stats from external inputs (like thermostats).  Obviously not secure and not private, but might be able to be controlled for a simpler diagnostic purpose.  Main advantage here is no need to worry about firewalls or even installing software, dispatcher would just have to poll for new tweets at a given interval (less immediate, maybe every 2-5 minutes).


Maybe some time in the future i will have time to revisit this, but for now i can just give advice or if developers want to use a SVN i can set that up too.