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X10 Dispatch 4.0.0 Changes Details

Jan 18, 2014 at 6:11 PM
Basically :
  • compiled against .net framework 4.0 full
  • compiled against latest active home sdk library
  • removed msn
  • added twitter
  • modified custom web server support
Twitter :
In the short time of a week i spent refactoring the source code, Twitter changed its api to require SSL. Fortunately, the twitterizer sdk component I use supports SSL. Twitterizer apparently uses an older Twitter/OAuth v1.0 protocol instead of current V1.1 protocol but having SSL support appears to be good enough for continued support as it still works.
I mention this, so that you might want to implement the Twitter 'ping' functionality so that you can be sure any twitter silence is due to lack of alerts rather than broken twitter posting functionality. You might post every few hours, but keep it under the length of time you have the program 'armed' since the timer kicks off only when armed (and shuts down when disarmed).

Custom Web :
In addition to built in hardcoded web page functionality, i extended the support of CustomWeb which serves up actual files in the CustomWeb folder. Changes allow support of subdirectories, better support of mime-types and http response codes, which all ultimately allow creation of a decent web site with javascript libraries and ajax calls. I have implemented several json webservices /alertlog.json /eventlog.json /settings.json /vars.json as well as a few jqgrid formatted variants (alertlog-jqgrid.json eventlog-jqgrid.json). Check the download files for a sample web page/site demonstrating how to call these services using jquery.jquery-ui, and jqgrid.